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The permanent exhibition

Our permanent exhibition covers the period from ca. 12.000 BC to the present with more than 400 artefacts

Why are there so few houses left from the medieval period? Is Stormgade called Stormgade because of the wind? If bishop Absalon did not found the city, when did it arise, then? 

Find the answers for these questions and become wiser in the history of Copenhagen: From the first reamins of the town in the late viking age, over construction booms, plaques and fires to the modern city after the fall of the ramparts to present day's Christiania and new ways of living.

Back to the Vikings

A visit to the Museum of Copenhagen is like walking through the city and its history from the Viking Age to today. The exhibition takes you through 14 key sites. Famous squares and buildings that have played a central role in the city’s history, like the power base on the Castle Island of Slotsholmen, City Hall Square where people have gathered to celebrate and demonstrate since it was built, the Copenhagen homes of the royal family surrounding Amalienborg Palace Square, and the different cultures of the city’s bridge districts.

Get close to the Copenhageners

Who were the Copenhageners of the past, and how did they live? For each key site we’ve hunted down the most exciting archaeological finds and historical exhibits to document Copenhagen life – from before the city itself even existed. A well-worn bone comb from the Viking Age, the skeleton of a warrior from the Middle Ages that has survived the blows of swords and axes, and an elegant sedan from the 1700s, the taxi of the day for high-class Copenhageners. And of course we have an early edition of Copenhageners’ favourite means of transport, a cycle – made of wood!

Interactive Copenhagen History

Interactive installations, sounds, voices and film bring Copenhagen history to life. Try out the intricate greetings of the 1700s imported from the Court of France, and hear the story of the jail-breaker Morten Frederiksen, who ended his days at Copenhagen Citadel just a stone’s throw from where cruise ships dock today. You can also meet contemporary Copenhageners and hear them tell about living in the city. Highlights include our largescale, interactive model of Copenhagen and a panorama that can inspire you to go out into the city itself at end of your visit.

The Museum Shop

Take a little piece of Copenhagen home with you from the museum shop, and digest all the impressions from your visit as you enjoy the small historical city garden in front of the museum.

See how the casts in the exhibitions were made

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