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In collaboration with our external providers, the City of Copenhagen uses cookies for the purpose of enabling the adaptation of our content as well as the enhancement of the user experience.

Cookies are small text files that collect data on the user and can, for instance, also be used to enhance the user experience of a website.

We use three types of cookies. The necessary cookies, which cannot be deselected, ensure that the website is working, whereas the other types, functional and statistical cookies, have different purposes and can be deselected.  

You can opt out of cookies. You do this via the cookie banner, which you meet when entering the website. In this case, it should be noted that certain elements might not function.

We will not place any cookies unless you accept the use of cookies via the buttons in our cookie banner.  

You can always change your cookie choice by following the link ‘Cookie settings’ which you find at the bottom of the website.  

We look after your data 

We are very careful with respect to ensuring that the gathered data will only be used internally – such as for the purpose of displaying video and interactive maps on the website and to enhance the general user experience.  

We have entered into data-processing agreements with our providers in order that they take good care of your data. 

Learn more about the specific cookies under the heading “show cookie declaration” in the website’s cookie banner. Here you will also find privacy notices from each of our providers.  

In the City of Copenhagen’s privacy policy (in Danish) you can find more general information on how we process personal data.

The Danish Business Authority, the main and supervisory authority within the area, is monitoring compliance with the cookie rules (in Danish). 

Any questions concerning cookie consent? See contact information in the contact box at the bottom of this page. 

Types of cookies 

Necessary cookies 

Necessary cookies activate basic functions such as access to secure content and the ability to decline cookies. 

We use the content management system Drupal 9. Read the Drupal privacy policy.

The table shows which necessary cookies that we place on your computer/device: 

Necessary cookies
Cookie namePurposeDescriptionDuration


City of Copenhagen’s websiteAllows you to save your cookie preferences for this website100 days
SESS [32 numbers and letters]City of Copenhagen’s websiteAllows an editor access to secured content11 hours
closed-emergency-banner-00fe6e9a-aba1-4f34-8c14-5f5c5c1ef0bdCity of Copenhagen’s websiteAllows the closing of a banner for the duration of your visitUntil the end of your visit to this website
Drupal_visitor_votingapi_sourceCity of Copenhagen’s websiteAllows you to vote for idea submission365 days


Functional cookies 

Functional cookies facilitate the application of other functions such as the display of video ( and interactive maps.  

We collaborate with two providers – video solutions  from Twentythree and map solutions from Septima, and we have entered into dataprocessing agreements on the safe use of data with each of the two firms. 

Read Septimas privacy policy and Twentythrees privacy policy.

The table shows which functional cookies that we place on your computer/device: 

Functional cookies
Cookie namePurposeDescriptionDuration
ad_session_idTwentythreeAllows you to view video on our video platform video.kk.dkUntil the end of your visit to this website
JSESSIONIDSeptimaAllows you to view and use our city mapsUntil the end of your visit to this website


Statistical cookies 

Statistical cookies make it possible for City of Copenhagen to obtain insight into the use of our website via data collection and the internal application of web statistics for the purpose of enhancing the general user experience. 

We collaborate with Siteimprove with respect to our web statistical system and Userindex with respect to surveys. We have entered into dataprocessing agreements on the safe use of data with each of the two firms. 

The table shows which statistical cookies we place on your computer: 

Statistical cookies
Cookie namePurposeDescriptionDuration
AWSELBCORSSiteImproveAllows the gathering statistics on the general use of this websiteUntil the end of your visit to this website
nmstatSiteImproveAllows the gathering of anonymized statistics on visiting behaviour1000 days


External links on the website 

When we link to other websites (such as JobNet or SKAT, or other government authorities) such websites will have their own cookie policies and cookie banners where you decide on the cookies featured on such sites. 

When we link to the City of Copenhagen’s social media featured on the platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, you should likewise be aware that it will no longer be the City of Copenhagen’s’s cookie policy that applies.  

Learn how the municipality handles your personal data on social media: City of Copenhagen’s Privacy policy for social media (in Danish only). 

The cookie policy was last updated 27.07.2022.  

Frequently asked questions about cookies

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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It facilitates the recognition of your computer as well as the collection of information as to which pages and functions you will visit from your browser. However, cookies cannot discover your identity, your name, or your address – nor whether the computer is used by one or more persons. Neither can it spread computer virus nor other harmful programs. 

Read more about cookies and the legal basis in the Executive Order on Information and Consent Required in Case of Storing or Accessing Information in End-User Terminal Equipment (pdf).  

What happens if I reject cookies?

This will depend on which types of the cookies on our site that will be deselected. The various cookie types that we use are listed above. 

Is it possible to deselect all cookies completely?

If you wish to avoid cookies in general, you can turn off cookies in your browser. You should, however, be aware that, in that case, you will not be able to log onto or use functions and services which presuppose that the website will remember your preferences. 

All browsers will allow your deletion of cookies, separately or all at once. How you do this will depend on your type of browser. Please remember that, in case you use several browsers, you must delete cookies in all browsers. 

How to deselect all cookies?

Cookies that you have already accepted can easily be deleted. How you delete them depends on the browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and on which type of computer (mobile phone, tablet computer, PC, Mac). 

You will typically find it under Settings – Security and Privacy but this can vary from browser to browser. Which device/browser do you use? – Select the relevant link: 


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