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The Local – Copenhagen’s Last Pubs. Photo exhibition 1/12 2021-2/1 2022

The photo exhibition in December focuses on the diminishing number of pubs in Copenhagen, which by closer inspection are surprisingly diverse.

Enjoying a beer in smoky surroundings has been replaced by a drinking a cortado with oat milk at one of Copenhagen’s new outdoor cafés, and these days the emblems of biker gangs are outnumbered by hipster lumberjack shirts. As urban renewal reaches into every nook and cranny of the city, Copenhagen’s old pubs either disappear or change into something else. But being a regular is still an important part of some Copenhageners’ lives. The local pub also functions as a welfare office, drop-in centre, family and home. 

Read more about the special exhibition The Local - Copenhagen's Last Pubs.


Time capsules - Copenhagen in the 1990's. 4/2-23/10 2022

800 time capsules as well as photos, films and art paint a picture of the 1990ies' ironic, self centered capital. 

The Museums' special exhibition "Time Capsules" explores the 1990's Copenhagen, where some of us were young and maladapted and others not yet born. Through photos, films, everyday items and art installations a caleidoskopic introduction to the decade known as both "chronically ironic" as well as "a paranthesis in history" is created in the exhibition.  

Read more about the exhibition Time Capsules (Tidskaplser, in Danish).