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Vær opmærksom på, at mange services og tilbud i Københavns Kommune er lukket eller ændret pga. corona-virus. Læs her, hvordan de forskellige områder fungerer i de næste uger, og hvordan du kommer i kontakt med os.


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Museum of Copenhagen

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Stormgade 18
1555 København V
The Museum of Copenhagen is a museum dedicated to the past, present and future of the Danish capital.

The museum contributes to contemporary themes in the city, reflecting its changeability and diversity, and has archaeological responsibility for Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. The Museum of Copenhagen also explores the city as a platform for cultural encounters and communities. The museum actively involves visitors and communicates on traditional platforms like exhibitions, guided tours, educational activities and city tours, as well as being active in electronic and on social media. In October 2015 the museum closes its exhibitions at 59 Vesterbrogade to develop a brand new Museum of Copenhagen at 18 Stormgade.