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"Dark design" vs. inclusive design in urban space

An urban walk about (non)accessibility in the urban space of historic Copenhagen

Over time, Copenhagen has been designed and arranged to include certain bodies - and thereby to exclude others . Who are these bodies and people (that were excluded)? How is this expressed in the city's history and spaces? And how has this view of who the city is made for changed over time?

On this guided tour, a series of stops will provide examples of exclusive, inclusive and behavioural design through time, where not only physical spaces and materials have created access or blocked it, but where sound, light, smell, fear, epidemics, fire hazards, shame and disgrace also play a role.

Meeting place: The cout yard of the Museum of Copenhgen, Stormgade 18


Københavns Museum, Courtyard

Stormgade 18

1555 København V
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