Audio track: "Queer in Copenhagen through 1000 years"

Follow the audio track "Queer in Copenhagen through 1000 years" in the museum's permanent exhibition.

Listen to 1000 years of queer history in Copenhagen. Using your mobile phone, you can access stories about people who, in one way or another, deviated from the prevailing norms from the Viking Age to the present day. These stories revolve around the right to love and the circumstances that have influenced expressions of love throughout history. For example, hear about men who met on the ramparts or the two women who managed to marry each other in St. Nikolaj Church in the early 18th century. Just remember to bring your mobile phone so you can scan the QR codes in the exhibitions, granting you access to these glimpses of queer history.

The audio track is available in Danish and English.

Admission with regular ticket: Entrance Ticket (

The audio track is part of Copenhagen Pride 2023.


Københavns Museum

Stormgade 18

1555 København V
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