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Audio track “Queer in Copenhagen through 1000 Years” in the permanent exhibition

How was it to be queer in the course of Copenhagen’s history? Every day August 12th – 20th 2023 9:00-18:00, Thursday 9:00-21:00

The lives of those who have loved contrary to society’s conventions has changed considerably over the last 1000 years. At 10 stops in the Museum of Copenhagen’s permanent exhibition, we dive into stories of people who have stood out from the norms of their time. Enter the museum’s permanent exhibition on the first floor and point your smartphone camera at the QR code in your preferred language and you will hear the story.

The audio track is part of Copenhagen Pride 2023.

Languages: English and Danish

The price is included in the entrance to the Museum.


Københavns Museum

Stormgade 18

1555 København V
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