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THE WALL is a 12 meter long interactive multitouch screen where you can explore Copenhagen through thousands of pictures

The WALL places the story of the city right in the town center. On a 12 meter long interactive multitouch screen, you can explore a big picture universe, and evoke the Copenhagen of the past and present. You can even tell your own story by uploading your private photos to the WALL

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Share your view on Copenhagen

You can upload your own pictures and films on the WALL, comment on existing media or voice your opinions in a video-blog that may be recorded live at the WALL. You can do this either in-situ at the WALL, or at THE WALL's webpage.

Where can I find THE WALL?

You can find the WALL at Dantes Plads. You can visit the WALL every day from 8 am - 10 pm.

When you visit the WALL, you will find two exhibitions, one about Dantes Plads, the square where it is currently standing. The other is about archaeology in Copenhagen, one of the main areas of research and knowledge of the museum.


Partners and sponsors

The WALL is the result of collaboration between:

The WALL has come about with the financial support of Copenhagen City Council, The Labour Market Holiday Fund and The Heritage Agency of Denmark. In addition, a number of private individuals, businesses and institutions are also contributing to the WALL.