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The Urban Garden

Experience the new historically inspired urban garden in front of the Museum of Copenhagen

Everyone is welcome to explore the plants in the Urban garden in front of the museum - either in the garden itself or on the tiles on the terrace workbench.
The Urban Garden has been created on the basis of what the museum's archaeologists discovered when excavating a latrine in the Copenhagen street Pilestræde. The waste in the latrine was full of plant residue. All the herbs in the garden are plants we know for a fact were eaten by the people who sat on this latrine in the 1700s. So the garden tells the story of plants and foods in Copenhagen in the 1700s, but also the story of how we discovered what we know.
You are welcome to enjoy a packed lunch in the garden. Sit on the raised beds and enjoy the aroma of mint, coriander, dill and other herbs. You can read more about the plants on the signs.