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Urban Encounters

A research and dissemination project about cultural encounters and urban development in Medieval and Early Modern Scandinavia

The project draws on material uncovered through recent archeological excavation-projects in Copenhagen, Odense and Gothenburg (Nya Lödöse), to reveal new aspects of the establishment and development of Scandinavian cities between 1000 and 1700. 
The scale and timing of the excavations offer a possibility for contextualized analysis of the medieval and early modern urbanization processes on a whole new scale. The project is particularly interested in connections between urbanization, migration, material culture and the formation of urban identities. And in the networks and materiality of urbanization discovered in the finds material.

A core in the research project are two ph.d.-projects carried out by Kirstine Haase from Odense Museums and Hanna Dahlstrøm from the Museum of Copenhagen at the Centre of Urban Networks at Aarhus University. Read more about the two projects here and here. A number of articles by other involved researchers will be published as well during the project period. 

The Past Exposed – a mobile museum 
Alongside the research project Urban Encounters are developing an innovative dissemination in the urban space based on experiences within this field among the participating museums. Among these the award winning project The Wall developed by the Museum of Copenhagen in 2009-10. In late summer and fall of 2017 the mobile museum The Past Exposed launched. The museum gives an intuitive and personal experience of the networks of material culture in Scandinavian cities of the past and will be travelling among the participating cities during the rest of project period and beyond. Read and see more about the project at where you can also see info about upcoming shows.