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Previous exhibitions

Below is a list of some of the main exhibitions at the museum in Vesterbrogade in recent years.

2015 Kid city

In Kid City, you could travel back in time and experience, how children’s lives in the city have changed over time. Two 5th grades from Blågård Skole contributed with personal objects and stories about what matters in children’s lives today. 

2014 Urban Nature

The main exhibition was based on an understanding of the city as an ecosystem where nature and culture are not opposed but united. It highlighted the role of nature in Copenhagen, including pioneering international examples. The kid's exhibition "The Dream of a city" was a space for grown-ups and kids to build their own city of the future. Urban Nature also involved two garden projects; "Intersections" was a new museum garden, created by the American artist, Barbara Cooper. The front yard was turned into school gardens during the summers of 2014 and 2015.

2013 The Past Beneath Us

In this exhibition, displaying finds from excavations throughout town during the latest years, archaeologists, experts and Copenhageners wrote the exhibition texts.

2013 Søren Kierkegaard -  objects of love, works of love

The exhibition, ‘Søren Kierkegaard: objects of love, works of love’, examines Kierkegaard’s understanding of love and its manifestation in modern city life.

2011 TRASH!

Trash is a constant feature of city life. Every day we must contend with rubbish. We recycle and repair; we throw away and we dump. The city has reacted by developing systems that conceal the sight and smell of this inconvenient truth. This exhibition invited children and grown-ups to explore Copenhagen’s hidden rubbish in landfills, on the streets, in backyards and in our homes.

2010 Becoming a Copenhagener

The special exhibition focused on immigration to Copenhagen, as the catalyst of, and pre-condition for, the town's growth and change. It told about the ways in which migration had placed its mark in the city, down through history. 

2009 City Mischief

As winter darkness settled over the city, the Museum of Copenhagen opened its doors to a magical world of city fun and games. With the help of Shane Brox - a familiar face from the DR children's TV-programme "Shanes Verden" - we brought the museum's huge collection of old toys from Copenhagen to light and let the children join in the fun themselves.

1996 Under the Wings of Democracy

From the enfranchisement of Danish women in 1908 to the hosting of the European Capital of Culture in 1996 - Copenhagen certainly underwent extensive changes, socially, politically and economically speaking, in less than 100 years. This exhibition tells the story of welfare society's road to victory within the capital.