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  • Arkæologer på arbejde på Vester Voldgade
The Museum of Copenhagen is responsible for archaeology in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities.

The museum is present at hearings concerning local planning and municipal planning. Here the museum assesses the current development in the municipalities and assesses the possibility that ancient monuments will be affected.

For builders

Private persons can also enjoy the museum's expertise. When buying real estate potential buyers can contact the museum for a clarification of whether planned buildings will affect ancient monuments. Thus it can be made clear early in the process whether archaeological excavations will be necessary and the builder in spe can plan the work accordingly.

All builders can contact the museum and ask the museum to give a statement about the possibility of the presence of ancient monuments on a piece of land. The museum bases its statement on an archival control of the area in question.

The museum can then recommend that a survey of the area is done. This is optional for the builder. The advantage for the builder is that the presence of ancient monuments is detected and that the risk of needing to stop working due to unexpected archaeological remains is lessened.

All in all an early dialogue between the builder and the museum is an advantage. The builder finds out whether archaeological surveys are necessary and can choose either to change plans to avoid the ancient monuments or to ask the museum to launch archaeological surveys. This should be done well before the beginning of the building work, in order not to delay this. In that way, archaeological remains are investigated and the builder's project can finish on time.

For more information on excavations and archaeology in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities, write to or call:

Jane Jark Jensen: +45 26 88 07 74 (head of archaeological administration)

Gunvor Christiansen: +45 20 37 83 19 (head of excavations and collections)